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Engineered Hardwood Floors Installation

Engineered Hardwood Floors in Austin have become a very popular choice for homeowners today because they offer a balance between cost and durability.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood floors have a real hardwood top layer, so they still have all the comfort and natural beauty of a solid hardwood floor. Most engineered hardwood floors come pre-finished so installation is quick and ready to walk-on immediately.

Unlike solid hardwood floors, engineered hardwood do not generally require the addition of a sub-floor.

Most often engineered hardwood is glued down directly to the concrete slab main level or plywood upstairs. These adhesives or mastics provide a moisture barrier to the concrete slab and also remain pliable for many years to ensure a good flexible bond between the engineered hardwood floor and the sub-layer.

Austin engineered hardwood floors installation

Austin engineered hardwood floors installation

Austin engineered hardwood floors installation

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

There is an alternative method to install some engineered brands over foam, this method is called "floating". Since engineered floors use a tongue and groove system, some brands have incorporated a locking system that allows the floor to float over the sub-layer.

By floating a floor you eliminate all adhesion between the sub-layer and the engineered floor itself. Instead, there is a moisture barrier, sound dampening layer of foam or pad rolled out over the sub-layer, the engineered floor is then installed on top of that by locking each piece to its neighboring pieces using the locking tongue and groove system developed by the manufacturer.

The floor is held down by installing the baseboards and t-molding around the edges or adding a quarter-round trim option in front of the existing baseboard.

The benefit of either of these installation methods is that without the addition of a sub-floor the height of these engineered surfaces usually range from 1/2 to 9/16 making them transition flawlessly between other floors in your home such as tile and carpet.

Over the past 20 years Engineered floors have become so popular there has been an explosion in the flooring industry.

The engineered hardwood floor market has been flooded with thousands of new products. Thats had a positive effect for you as the consumer since more products bring the cost down as well as offer you greater variety of style, wood species, and color options.

In todays competitive flooring marketplace, there are options ranging from traditional oak, to exotic species like Brazilian cherry. Styles range from contemporary smooth-finished, high-gloss floors to modern trend hand-scraped matte or satin-finished floors all at very competitive and affordable prices!


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