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Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Does Your Hardwood Floor Need Refinishing?

Hardwood Floors in Austin can last a lifetime if properly cared for!

While most hardwood floors, if properly maintained, will never need sanding, there are circumstances in which sanding is the only option. Reasons, such as water-damage, heavy wear, color change, etching or peeling and adding new floor, may require sanding and refinishing.

Austin hardwood floors refinishing

ATX Flooring is an expert refinisher; I understand all the factors involved that are important to make a beautiful long-lasting finished floor.

Clean and Buff Your Hardwood Floors

Clean and buff services are a simple low-cost method to restore the beauty lost due to residue build-up, and years of everyday traffic.

I will use a professional strength product to lift heavy residues including gums, varnish, oils, wax and polishes, followed by buffing your floors to a perfect shine using the proper crystal clean polishing pad.

Services can usually be completed in one day. ATX Flooring will remove and replace furniture if you desire, and floors can be walked on immediately afterwards, making it an effortless, convenient and affordable solution to restore the natural beauty and shine to your hardwood floors.

Buff and Re-coat Your Hardwood Floors

Buff and re-coat services are a great low-cost option to refresh your solid or engineered hardwood floors by adding two-coats of polyurethane, tung-oil, or Du Chateau wax finish. ATX Flooring remove scratches, worn-through areas, including light or gray spots, restore an even shine to your hardwood, also allowing you to choose the shine level you desire from high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte finish.

ATX Flooring is also able to re-coat just specific high-traffic or damaged areas of your floor without having to redo the entire floor, saving you time, money and hassle.

ATX Flooring experience allows us to accurately match the shine of your existing finish and ensure a smooth, even transition between newly coated areas and areas left alone. By recoating your hardwood or engineered floors you will not only refresh the beauty, remove scratches and dull-areas, but also protect your investment for years to come.

By recoating your floors you may avoid the hassle of sanding and refinishing down the road, saving you time, money, inconvenience, and increase the life of your floor. There is no-limit to the number of times you can buff and re-coat a hardwood floor, however in the case of an engineered floor the sanding layer may only allow you to sand it down once or twice in its lifetime.

Don't waste the life of your floor by unnecessarily sanding when you can re-coat it for a third of the cost!

Recoat services are affordable, virtually dust-less, and can be completed in one day in most cases. Using our low-odor polyurethane, you are able to rest easy at night and stay in your home during the recoat process.

We can confidently recoat aluminum-oxide, oil-based polyurethane, and hand-scraped floors without the worry of the etching and peeling inferior products or methods may yield.

A floor that is improperly prepared for recoating, or using a product that is incompatible with the existing finish can have drastic consequences, ranging from fish-eye separations in the finish as its applied giving an ugly orange-peeled texture, minor etching, to full-fledged peeling in sheets.

Once this has happened to your solid or engineered hardwood floor, often the only way to fix it is with sanding and refinishing or replacement.


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