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Laminate Floors Installation

Laminate Flooring Gives You the Look of Hardwood without the Cost!

Laminate floors have recently become an economical option for consumers who want the look of a hardwood floor without the costs generally associated with solid or engineered hardwoods.

Though laminates have no real wood layer, the engineers have done a very good job of recreating natural textures and grain patterns most people have come to expect from hardwood floors.

Laminates have a wide variety or color and style options to suit anything from contemporary to rustic designs. The quality/appearance of laminate floors has improved dramatically over the past 5-10 years. Laminates available today are truly "stunning".

Austin laminate installation

Austin laminate installation

There are many benefits to installing laminate flooring in your home or business.

Besides the obvious benefit of lower cost, laminate floors are almost always floated, which means laid over foam or a pad with no physical adhesion to the sub-layer. Manufactures employ a locking tongue and groove system that holds each piece to its adjacent neighboring pieces holding everything together.

  • The laminate floor is then held down around the edges by installing the baseboard and T-molds or using a quarter-round trim option in front the existing baseboard.

  • The benefit of using this installation method is the speed at which the floor can be installed, since there is no sub-floor or adhesives to mess with installation moves very quickly and can be walked-on the same day!

  • Another benefit to laminate is, because it is a floating floor, it doesnt have to be a permanent floor and can be installed over tile or hardwood to change the appearance of a room without committing to the permanent demolition of the existing floors.

  • Laminates also have incredible strength against scratches and dents, high-traffic, and stains. Most manufactures offer 25 year or longer warranties with their laminate flooring.


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