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Solid Hardwood Floors Installation

Flooring made out of solid hardwood has timeless unmatched beauty; it is also very durable when maintained properly.

Austin solid hardwood floors installation

Austin solid hardwood floors installation

Austin solid hardwood floors installation

How should Solid Hardwood flooring be installed?

Solid Hardwood Floors are generally 3/4 thick solid material; which means its the same wood throughout from top to bottom. Solid Hardwood floors can vary in width and length. Solid Hardwood floors can come pre-finished or they can be sanded and finished on-site.

Installing solid hardwood flooring in Austin TX usually first requires installing a plywood sub-floor, moisture barrier, and sound dampening layer on existing concrete slabs.

If your solid hardwood floor is installed up-stairs, the sub-floor is often already under your existing carpet or tile.

Solid hardwood is generally the most expensive type of wood to install, but it has many beneficial factors that make it a solid investment.

Why is Installing Solid Hardwood Flooring in your Austin area home a solid Investment?

  • Solid hardwood floors can last for generations if properly cared for and maintained.

  • Real estate professionals will agree that they increase the value and appeal of your home dramatically.

  • Solid hardwood is generally harder to dent and scratch than engineered floors of the same species because the density of the hardwood layer provides the structure for the floor. While engineered floors often only have a very small top-layer ranging from 1/16 to 1/4, solid floors are 3/4 thick.

  • This also means that should the time come to sand your floors, you can rest easy knowing you have many lives to burn since sanding usually only removes a small fraction of the solid material.

  • Solid hardwood floors also hold-up better to water than engineered or laminate flooring.

    Because of the natural properties of wood are to absorb water, floors exposed to spills or leaks will often swell leaving a curled or cupped effect.

    However, with a solid floor, as the moisture content drops over time, many species of wood will go back to their original size and uniformity, without compromising the structure or integrity of the floor, often needing only minimal attention or none at all to restore the original evenness and beauty.


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